Must I use server in Chicago, Illinois so far from where I live?

Do I have to use server in Chicago, Illinois? I currently live in Double Springs, Alabama

Not sure what you refer to.

Seems like an issue for your ISP not your browser.

@Passenger I’m assuming they are referring to Brave VPN. But you’re right, hard to tell because they didn’t give any information.

@MichaelsFirstThing If you need help with something, we need to know more details. Are you talking about Brave VPN or something else? What OS are you using? Which version of Brave? Any time you need anyone to help you, regardless where it is, information is vital. Without it, it’s impossible to know what answers to give or how to help. And nobody wants to sit there and ask a bunch of questions just to get the opportunity to assist.

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I have an IPhone 12 Pro Max with Metro cellphone service and after I downloaded Brave with the VPN service my searches all seem start in Chicago and Facebook, Apple, Twitter others services sometimes claim my device is not recognized when logging in. Information I don’t understand says I’m in Chicago. I live in Double Springs, Alabama but, started service in Huntsville, Alabama.

Ok, so you’re paying for the VPN? If so, then that’s likely why. The VPN has you connect to their server and it hides your IP Address from other places. So this would impact searches and other things which are using that to determine your location. I’m guessing the VPN server you’re connecting to is out of Chicago.

As to whether you have to use a particular server, I’ve actually reached out to their support team today and will get back to you based on information I find out, whenever they do respond. What I can tell you is on the FAQ says you can choose a local server.

To quote the FAQ portion:

  • Switching to a local server can improve speed and performance of VPN, and thus of the apps you’re using on your device. To select a local server, open your browser settings and navigate to the Brave Firewall + VPN tab.

But articles I’ve seen and comments elsewhere have stated that’s not true, that you can’t actually pick anything. Guess if you want to try it and let us know, it might help.

As for me, I didn’t feel like trying to set it up and mess with it, so no personal experience yet. I might end up doing their trial later just so I can know for certain, but been holding off until they do desktop as well.

I was able to have a limited server change. The choices were east, central, west and northwest. Because I am in central time zone I chose central. I had a choice between Chicago or Dallas it seems(no choice shown, just say change and those seemed to be only ones for central) Thank you!

I just moved this Topic over to the Brave Firewall + VPN area. By having it here, hopefully it can be seen by the Guardian Team, which is the company that handles Firewall + VPN. Not sure if they might have more feedback. Otherwise looks like at least got you a little closer.

Btw, even though you’re Central, Alabama is close enough you might check East Coast and see if they have Georgia, Florida, or one of the states a bit closer to you.

I tried east several times and all I got was New York. When you request a change you don’t have any choice. I was having Chicago come up most of the time on central and had to change several times before Dallas came up. I chose Dallas, Texas.

Hi Michael!

Thank you for trying our Brave Firewall + VPN. Please note that the purpose of the VPN service is to preserve your privacy and as such, your location will look like that of our servers so that apps and websites do not see your personal physical location.

We currently allow you to connect to other countries and regions of the US as opposed to individual States. As demand allows and growth occurs, we will surely be adding to our server locations to cover as many areas as possible. Dallas and Chicago are the two available for Central US right now but there are multiple connections for each location as well, and you should still be able to use your device normally without much latency from these locations.

Should you notice speeds drop for any reason, please try navigating to settings in Brave > Brave Firewall + VPN and select reset configuration to start a fresh connection.

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