Must have extensions


The only reason I don’t use Brave is because they don’t have enough extensions. Here are some extensions that I think are a must have and should be on the list of priorities.

  1. bitwarden: Basically an open source LastPass.

  2. KeePass: Giving you control of your passwords.

  3. LessPass: A password generator that uses an algorithm to create passwords based off your username, password, and the URL.

  4. Grammarly: Advanced grammar corrections.

  5. NordVPN: Allows a VPN connection (through the browser only) to NordVPN servers.

  6. TunnelBear VPN: Allows a VPN connection (through the browser only) to TunnelBear servers.

  7. PureVPN: Allows a VPN connection (through the browser only) to PureVPN servers.


I would like to see NordVPN but the best thing is to also add all the common VPN extensions so everyone can choose their desire VPN service.


NordVPN please!!! I have used this VPN with great success,


This extension deserves a topic of its own; have you seen or used it before @MrWrongOpinion

@trymeout @The_Mainlander it’s been upvoted many times in this topic, however, PureVPN and a couple of others were removed from the list for not being very privacy friendly, but even still I think the team may consider their version of the WebStore considering it’s been requested many times - VPN / Proxy Extensions better integrated in Brave