Musl binaries of Brave

Is it possible to make

  • a linux musl binary of Brave browser available through the website ?
  • a gentoo (linux) musl ebuild available to compile Brave from source
    (this can possibly be uploaded to ) ?

Neither chromium or firefox currently provides musl binaries, so Brave browser could profit from this and take market share in this particular segment (several musl-based linux operating systems exist, and none of these have access to a binary browser).

For our distro (TAZ), it would also provide a very much needed alternative to Pale Moon (a firefox fork) which we build under musl, but has no official support for it yet, and our budget for our distro is near non-existent too, meaning we can’t update it or even work further on our distro. In case the company behind Brave is interested, you could always take a look at our distro (source is at The whole thing is off course open-source and we are open any collaborators or even companies taking over some of our coding work for their own purposes.

PS: The alternative is that some changes are just foreseen in the basic script of Brave to compile it from source.

@eljuno Can you forward the request to the Brave developers ? Releasing a musl binary that works on most musl distro’s (like gentoo compiled with musl, Alpine, and many others -see the musl wiki -…) would not be a huge amount of work, and probably would be heavily used by the musl community. It doesn’t even need to be updated that much (just once per year would be fine I think).

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