Music no longer plays from videos on Facebook page after latest Windows update

Been using Brave browser for a few months now. I have videos that show up on my Facebook page (for example, the “Classic FM” page at I also watch other music videos from various artists that post them to FB.

This worked OK until yesterday when I updated Windows 10 to version 2004 (OS Build 19041.450).

Now when I play these same videos on FB using Brave, I get no sound. I have checked system sound settings, tab muting, disabled all my extensions, tried videos from various FB members, etc. without success. Videos from sites other than FB do have sound. I tried uninstalling Brave, rebooting Windows, then re-installing Brave but problem still exists.

These same videos DO have sound when I use Firefox.

This worked before I updated Windows. If audio fails to play from only FB and only on Brave but works in other browsers, it seems unlikely that the problem is with my audio drivers.
volume mixer" tool shows two applications: “System Sounds”, and “Mozilla Firefox” and I can adjust the volume in Firefox from there or mute Firefox. This is normal and I have seen and used this many times. When I use Brave and play a FB video the “volume mixer” tool does NOT show the Brave application. That probably explains the lack of sound on FB. If I switch tabs to a youtube video, then the “volume mixer” DOES show the Brave browser and the sound does work.

Something between Brave and Windows seems to have been broken in the latest Windows update.

Anyone have any ideas what’s going on here?

Does youtube work? I would check that tabs aren’t muted, and also system volume is also not muted.

youtube works. already checked for muted tab. browser not shown in volume mixer when on FB but browser is shown in volume mixer on youtube.

Hey @timoteo can you re-test in a new Brave profile

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Brave. Shouldn’t that delete my earlier user profile?

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