Multiple windows opening behind main window


When opening a new window and visiting websites multiple new windows pop up in the background of main window. They all display the brave dashboard view.

Also some websites won’t scroll down at all and are just stuck without scroll bar on the side showing


This can work out if you give it a try:

Clear all the data saved from the browser like cache, third party data, saved forms/passwords cookies & rest. Also make sure the shields are enabled [Advertisement blocking modules & anti-fingerprinting modules] Try browsing the page again.

If this doesn’t work, I’m afraid you’d have to run a malware scan on your local device
Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a Free Second Opinion Threat scanner. Here’s the download link:

Execute the downloaded file, enable PUP detection & run a FULL SCAN using “Custom Scan” option

Also make sure to click only once while opening brave. Usually on a low end device with 4GB or Less RAM, brave takes a couple of seconds to boot-up

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best Regards!


Thank you! will give it a try…


Feel free to ping back for any issue on Brave Community! :smile:


:sunglasses: Clearing all data manually seems to have worked, although I have brave set to clear on closing browser.

I also did a scan using MalwareBytes software and computer is all clean…


Great to see it worked for ya! :smile:

P.S malwarebytes anti-malware have gone under major issues in recent months. Poor signatures, Non-functional threat blocking mechanism, malfunctioning behavioural blocking & not to mention recent incident where they pushed an unstable update resulting into locking of several windows devices.
Have a look at few resources :

I’d Thoroughly suggest you to switch to Avast Free or AVG Free! They have really improved over the time. I know these facts because I do malware testing & analysis on my free time with different security suites

Have a good day! :smile:


Not good!
I used to use Avast, so I will give that another go and look at AVG as well
Thank you

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