Multiple Startup pages would be great


One of the features I love most about Chrome is the ability to open the browser with a specific set of pages. When I open Chrome it automatically opens 7 tabs - those that I effectively “live in” all day long. Adding this capability to Brave would go a long way to me adopting it as my default browser.

Thanks for listening to your users!

Brave start to multiple set tabs

Hi @randymadden

Have you tried pinning tabs? Right click on tab in tab bar and select ‘Pin’. Give it a try and let us know if this is the solution you’re looking for.




Yes, but.

It definitely opens those tabs now automatically, which is exactly what I was looking for. Awesome.

However, I’m not a big fan of the compressed tabs when pinned. Is there a way to show pinned tabs uncompressed?

On a side note. I know the browser is still in beta - but bookmark management is a nightmare. I literally just spent 3 hours trying to get my bookmarks set up the way I want them. I finally had to go back to Chrome, do all my bookmark management there, export the bookmarks as an HTML file (this I learned after 5 really frustrating attempts to just import from Chrome), and then import the HTML file. Even then you’re stuck with a single entry on your Bookmarks Bar called “Imported bookmarks”. What good is that? I then had to go through the laborious process of dragging them all out of that folder so that I could then delete it. C’mon. Really? You honestly think that’s the optimal method? I hate to keep comparing to Chrome, but you could do worse than to copy their method.

Thanks, Rm


Hi @randymadden,

Maybe you can set Brave to start with “home page” under about:preferences#general And then set multiple home page as described here:

Hope this can help answer your question (re: multiple startup).
Thank you,
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