Multiple rows of tabs, preferably adjustable width


This is my firefox right now:

TabMix Plus is the magic that makes firefox behave like I think a browser should: NO scrolling. NO selecting a new window or page. NO clicking a button to see a menu of tabs. All the tabs, all the time, and I tell them how wide to be. I have thousands of vertical and thousands of horizontal pixels, there is no need for me to conserve vertical space.

Chrome, AFAICT, is built so that this is impossible. I am ready to hear that this is impossible in Brave as well. Is this possible to do in Brave, at all?

If it helps, I am running Windows 7

Brave looks great so far otherwise, with potential to become the best. The active, public, continuing work on requested features is encouraging to see. Never change that!

I also enjoy the flexibility of loading and protecting tabs that TMP allows, but I think those are separate issues.

Please add TAB MIX PLUS for Firefox

Hi @David0123

I am not certain if it is possible to do this in Brave, however I logged TabMix Plus as an extension request so that it can be reviewed and considered. I logged it at the link below with our other extension requests, so it can be tracked from there.



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