Multiple Profile issues

Just created a second profile.
(the reason I created a 2nd profile is because with too many tabs or extensions or both have been causing crashes in a game FoE and slow video U2B performance and cleaner profile helps)
First question has to do with the naming.
As I was looking for the Profiles folder, I didn’t find it.
After reading up on it, it seems the Profile folder is called “default” and the second profile folder is called “Profile 1” . None of these makes sense.
“default” can be anything. If it said Profile Default then Profile 1 , maybe, but this is jus a mess.
Not to mention that profiles have names but that can’t be found anywhere.
Need a translator here!
The original “default profile” that your named Zeus is just called “profile” under main directory.
The second profile you called Omega is called “profile 1” also under main directory.
Good luck finding them among all those ahfahalhsdfaolhfa , what is that about ?!

The actual issue I ran into (before I was derailed by the profile folder issue" was that the two profile don’t seem to be independent.
I renamed the default “All” and the new one “foE” .
There was a new link (icon, shortcut) automatically made.
So I figure when I click on one, that will start that profile, when I click on the other, that will start that. Not so.
I didn’t intend to have both open at the same time or switch between the two. But somehow it always open the wrong one and then I have to switch.
My default profile had “continue where you left off” enabled and that may be part of the problem, but that is why I say that the two is not separate.
So any though on this if you use 2 profiles, (and not one shortcut and switch) what have you found?

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I personally use multiple user profiles for different purposes.

Default is the directory of the user profile you were using before creating another user profile.

The same way you have a Profile 1 folder right now, more Profile X folders will appear when creating more user profiles. You can easily understand which user profile’s folder that is by opening it and checking the Google Profile.ico file, that is that user profile’s icon.

When working with user profiles, there is no default user profile in the way that it always opens by default. Brave opens first the last user profile you closed, for example - if you closed your second user profile last, the next time you open Brave will load the second user profile.

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As I said before, it’s mess.
Why could they not name the default profile … Profile 0 ?!
And use the names given not hunting for files (profile.ico) to know what is going on!?

The second part is not right.
As I said the program created a shortcut that should open the New Profile. And sometimes it does.
Sometimes it doesn’t. The original shortcut sometimes opens the original profile, sometimes it doesn’t.
I think I also miss understood the link in the upper right menu, it’s not switching to the other profile, it opens it as second window.
This is the 2nd profile link that Brave calls profile 1 and I call it FoE. Can it be any more confusing?!

I haven’t had issues opening the correct user profile using the created shortcut. Are there specific cases when Brave won’t open the correct user profile?

Yeah, switching user profiles through the user profiles menu at the top-right corner works like that. User profiles are opened as new windows.

No it’s random.
I think the Profile 1 does better but the original sometimes opens that sometimes the second. I mean the 1st. You know what I mean.

Have you created shortcuts specifically for your user profiles?

I mean the following:

If you haven’t created a specific shortcut for a specific user profile, and you use Brave’s default shortcut, it runs the application with different parameters. Examples below:

Brave’s shortcut, not created specifically for a user profile:
"C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe"

A shortcut for the default user profile, I believe you call it “the original”:
"C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --profile-directory="Default"

A shortcut for a randomly picked user profile of mine:
"C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --profile-directory="Profile 27"

Long story short: if you would like Brave to run a specific user profile via a desktop shortcut, make sure you have specifically created a desktop shortcut for that profile. Creating a specific desktop shortcut for a user profile is done via brave://settings/manageProfileCreate desktop shortcut at the bottom of the page, while you’re in the desired user profile.

P.S My comment is based on the provided screenshot.

You have a shortcut for a user profile Profile 1. Using this shortcut should always open that profile. But there is another Brave shortcut below which doesn’t have a user profile icon, which makes me believe it’s the default Brave shortcut. Using this “default” Brave shortcut should always open the last user profile you have closed.


I think you might be right about that being the default without the little icon.
So I created another link to the “default” profile and now this seem to work.
This is just another confusing situation as the original link will be there when people create a second profile and now the second profile will always opens that, but the original will open this or the other. (if it was set to continue where left off like for me)

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