Multiple "Personal certificates" support


I use online banking that utilizes personal certificates (stored in Windows certificates storage) for verification. I have two separate personal certificates that give me access to two separate bank accounts.

In Chrome or in Microsoft Edge, when going to the online banking website, the browser gives me an option to select either of the two personal certificates. Once I select one of them, the website shows the correct bank account.
In Brave, when I go to the same online banking website, the browser defaults to the first certificate and never gives me an option to select the other one. Meaning: I cannot select the other certificate.

Would it be possible to enhance the personal certificates support to work as it does in other browsers, so I can use my online banking fully?

I use Windows 10 Pro. Here is the Brave info:

Name Version
Brave 0.18.23
rev 36ae2ec
Muon 4.3.10
libchromiumcontent 60.0.3112.90
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
OS Release 10.0.15063
OS Architecture x64


Thanks for reporting. I’ve logged an issue to implement this feature. You can track the progress here

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