Multiple Monitor support


I a running Brave on a 2 monitor setup (win10 PC), and it works fine.

However, when I undock my laptop and move to the single screen of my laptop, Brave runs/opens outside of my (single) laptop screen…


Just to confirm brave window is on the primary screen when you are connected to the second monitor?


I am also suffering from the exact scenario with exact configuration.
I was using Brave with two monitors. It was postioned in second screen and when i’ve disconnected my secondary monitor Brave still tries to show itself on the second monitor instead of positioning itself on primary.
I think Brave doesnt verify if last corrdinates are still valid or not. It remembers its previous coordinates however there is no secondary monitor.



For me disconnecting second monitor Brave jumps back to the primary screen to the exact same position. There is an issue logged for this however and can be tracked here