Multiple Issues - General Feedback




A few things that are making Brave unusable for me in the past couple weeks:

  1. When I close a tab, the entire browser closes. Obviously this is non-tenable and has forced me to abandon using Brave. I’d hoped this was a general bug that others would have reported and it been put on the fast track for an update, but now I’m wondering if not since it’s been a couple weeks.

  2. File downloads still cannot be saved, only opened. For example if I want to download a PDF, or a software zip file from any website.

  3. When I minimize the Brave browser, to work on something else on my laptop, and then when I maximize it again from its shortcut in my windows toolbar, Brave proceeds to open all tabs simultaneously. Before this started happening, if I opened the Brave browser and it opened to all of my saved tabs, it would only open/resolve/refresh the current tab. Now let’s say I have 20 tabs in the browser that I just opened. I then minimize it, and when I maximize it again all 20 tabs open (imagine 5 of these tabs are YouTube videos and they all open and start to play simultaneously. Very annoying!) Also, it makes the laptop inoperable for a couple minutes while all the tabs are being opened it is sucking down a huge amount of CPU.

I am running Windows 10



I have an issue regarding Printing.

When using Brave the print manager does not show the number of pages for the print job and when printed the document pages are not numbered.

Also Can a Print icon be added to menu bar at the top?

Important to me as I regularly print invoices of six or seven pages and I need to know how many pages there are prior to printing and I need my pages numbered.

I would rather not go back to Safari just for my print jobs.

I am using Mac OSX 10.12.6