Multiple Home Pages in Android Error Bug


This topic was covered in Mar. 2017 for another OS I believe. Now I am seeing it on my Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0; SM-G930P Build``NPD90M I am running Brave 1.0.48, Chromium 66.0.3359.158

As an example, I am going to use the “multiple Home Page example” from Brave. I tied setting up multiple home pages on my Galaxy S7 and it is not viewing the | properly.

If I put in:|

It comes back with:

Then it throws an error when it tries to log into that site saying that this site can’t be reached. I even put that in my Windows 10 desktop and it worked properly and then copied and pasted it through Google Drive and it did the same thing.

Thank You,
Mike LaPointe


Hi @mlapoint,

I’m not sure if the Android version support multiple homepage like desktop version did.
But let me cc @Serg and @LaurenWags for confirmation.



afaik you are correct @eljuno - Android does not support multiple home pages at the moment.

@mlapoint we can enter a feature request for this if you’d like.


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