Multiple Home Pages Error Bug


Brave: 0.13.4
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 6.3.9600
os.arch: x64

Unable to setup multiple home pages in general settings as all attempts to input a delimiter shows “%7c” even typing in the delimiter in Word(| and pasting in the homepage box returns(|
Wont attach gif as I’ve explained the issue quite clearly.


There is not possible to set more home pages :wink: I would guess that it thinks that you are typing it wrong with two links merged like one link makes it behave strange because it should not look like that
http://random :wink:
Try clicking on my link above and you will see what happends :wink:


If Brave is unable to have multiple home pages then it should be removed from their FAQs as it is misleading

If it IS though then the bug should be fixed quickly


Oh sorry, you need this special letter between your links:
It is not an L and it thought that I had read somewhere that it wasn’t implemented yet but ok sorry :wink:Here you go if you need to copy paste it: | :wink: Only needed if you don’t know how to type it on you keyboard :wink:


Verified. Issue logged on GitHub. @kingbenzima @Jacalz you can track it here


Thanks. At least someone understood what i wrote.

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