Multiple domain and one .well-known file

Please, help me. My question is How I can add new channel as publisher if there is already exist file brave-rewards-verification.txt ?


Are you trying to add a channel/site that you don’t own or have the ability to modify? If that file already exists and you didn’t put it there, then perhaps someone else owns or has control of that channel.

at first, sorry for my english)
I can control my channel and I have ability modify this. but my site have some URL mirrors (it can be accessed by or is it possible set name of verification file by another way? not like now? for example “somesitenet.txt” and “somesiteorg.txt”…

If you’ve a multiple domains, then you need to verify it separately for each domain @bxopc . Each domain will have it’s own verification code. CMIIW.

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