Multiple devices but only getting ads on one

I have brave browser installed on multiple devices (2 phones and 1aptop) but ads only seem to appear on one device. Is this a common occurrence?

@Avl Not necessarily. If they share the same wallet, then yes it would be because you can only have one wallet per device. Therefore it would see it as an issue and either show on one or none of them,. but no more. But if you didn’t clone the wallet and instead went on to download Brave, Verify a wallet (rather than Restore or w/e), etc then they should all be seeing ads as long as all the settings aren’t blocking them.

Since I don’t know which computer and all, I’ll give 4 basic suggestions of things that sometimes throws things off for people.

  1. Make sure you have Brave Ads on. To verify, go to brave://rewards/ and make sure ads are on.

  2. Make sure you have it set to show you a set amount per hour. It’s currently possible to set up to 10 per hour but a person can also toggle it to 0 per hour, even with Rewards turned on. To check on this, hit the little settings thing next to the toggle switch for Brave Ads in the menu I mentioned above

  3. Make sure the devices have Notifications turned on and that it’s not blocking Brave. If notifications are blocked, this means you can’t see ads. No ads mean no BAT. On a Windows PC, you’ll want to also make sure Focus Assist and all of the Automatic Rules or w/e are off as well. If not, then it can turn itself on and block ads.

  4. If you’re running a VPN on any or all of them, make sure their location is set to the same place as the IP address. (this is primarily a computer issue, but yeah…)

  5. As I already stated before, your wallets need to be different for each instance of the browser.

  6. Make sure the apps and your operating systems are updated.

That’s basic thoughts anyway. If all of that is good and you’re having issues, then we can ask more questions to try to identify what’s going on but most likely would end up having to get staff like Maatches, Steeven, or Saltybanana to help. They would end up asking for you to send them your wallet ID and couple other things, then would be able to check things from their end if you’ve been flagged and all.

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The uphold wallet is verified though. I figured you just log in to Uphold and make sure Brave browser is linked. I’ll give it a few more days to observe. Thanks!

@Avl Well, it kind of is, but there’s a lot of things that can interfere. Part of what I was explaining is part of their FAQ and resource guides, which you can read at

I also had tried to do a post not long ago which grabbed things from help articles and posts/comments to provide basic insight. You can see that at PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads

It may come down to you having to message Steeven, Mattches, or SaltyBanana with your wallet and all, as instructed in the post I linked you to. But I’d try to check all the basic suggestions there first.