Multiple Browsers in the Past


In simple terms, my problem/issue is: I was changing the operating systems constantly because of some needs in the past, I’ve installed Brave Beta to every one of them, and connected them to my verified Uphold account, and now I can’t receive my brave rewards. I don’t know how to delete them but currently, I’m using 3 brave beta (3 on laptop verified), and mobile (1 didn’t verified because of 25 BATs requirement).

My question is:

  • How could I delete the browsers? By deleting the Brave integration on the Uphold?


Unfortunately there is currently no way to do that. Your best bet might be to hold on to your BAT in Brave and wait for Gemini to become available as an alternative to Uphold. This is promised for Q2.

Will this would be resolved? I suppose they should detect the unused installations in a couple of month… Brave should that? Or I should say they’re planning something for it?

Anyway, thanks for your reply, I really appreaciate that, thanks.

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