Multiple Brave installations share just one profile

Description of the issue:
I found that there is a problem to have more than one Brave installation on my computer. I have Brave Standalone installed (.exe) and two Brave Portables installations. But i found that every installation of Brave has the SAME profile! I use many other browsers and i can have several installations of them (i mean Portable). But Brave shares just one profile! Is it normal or is it bug? How to make Brave using one extra profile for the installation?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I installed Brave (.exe)
  2. I installed Brave Portable
  3. Both installation they have same profile… (???)

Expected result:
I need separated profiles for each Brave installations! This is normal. I just hope it is possible! I pretty surprised about this Brave behaviour… Tell me what to do, please.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Probably latest one (i can’t see it because i face the bug with an update)

Additional Information:
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

Hi @brav3n,
Unfortunately, any forks of Brave are not supported, Also, windows 7 is no longer supported.

Can you explain me what did you mean that ‘any Brave forks are not supported’?

Anyway, i just want to know if it is possible to have on PC two or three installations of Brave - typically, one Standalone and two Portable ones. Because it is normal that Portables versions they have separate profiles. I can not believe that the Brave share just one profile for all installations;)

What do you mean by Portables version, where are you downloading them from?

From your website i have full Standalone .exe installer. But from where i have my portable Brave browsers it is a little mystery to me;) I can not remember from where i got it. It is a zip file (inside there is folder named “”). I scanned these files on VirusTotal of course, it is clean. I can send it to you if it will be necessary.
For now i found this older post on SourceForge (but this is not my source):

So there is no BravePortable officialy?

There is no official portable Brave browser. So unfortunately we’re unable to provide support for it.

I really ask for the portable variation of the Brave browser. Is it in a plan to built the portable version of Brave?

Because on my computer i need 2nd Brave installation on the same computer which will be placed on a portable unit (hard drive) that i use on another computers. I need the Brave “on the fly”.

I guess there is no chance to do it now…

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