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I gess i found a bug…
Well… i use this browser with 11 pin tab’s… well i use 2 monitor’s and some times use youtube in one and other stuff in the other but when i unpin a youtube tab to other monitor brave open all tab’s again in the other page ( browser)… i think you can understand what i’m explaining…
by the way… sorry my English :s

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Hi @PTHunter,

Did you mean, after you detach/moved YouTube tab to second monitor, all pinned tabs is loaded in the new window in second monitor?



hy @eljuno
you can see in the image… i unpin youtube and move to second monitor… but brave open all pin’s again…


Thanks for confirming @PTHunter :slight_smile:

For YouTube pinned tab, it seems like a bug. I found a similar issue and I’ll added your comment as +1.
Can you tell me your brave version (type about:brave in URL bar and copy-paste info from there) and your OS?

And the issue is logged here

And for pinned tab that loaded in new window is a current behaviour where pinned tabs appears in all windows. Discussed here:


Hy @eljuno

my Brave version is 0.19.62

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