Multiple brave accounts and coins wont sync

i have brave on my cell phone, laptop, desktop computer i have different amounts of coins on all 3 braves. How can i connect them all into 1 uphold account ???

You can’t. Wallet sync support is coming @vladbojcev.

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Thank you for responding quickly i appreciate it!

So when im on my laptop and lets say example 5 bat tokens …i log into to uphold and it shows the balance of the dekstop brave whihc is 100 tokens example and when i log into uphold from my cell phone which has 10 tokens example is says 100 tokens.

so the cellphone 10 tokens
laptop 5 tokens together thats 15 tokens.
This 15 tokens doesnt sync to the dekstop uphold account.

I dont even know how the cell phone and laptop brave is synced to the desktop brave. so strange?

why isnt it opposite and when i log in from the different devices why doesnt it read the balances from the other browsers and why does it automatically take the desktop balance?
so somehow the cell phone uphold account and laptop uphold account are link to the desktop brave browser and it does not add up idk?

if i can be more clear let me know

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