Multiple basic feature requests that Brave is still lacking, especially as it relates to Tor


Hi @brave Team,

I like the concept behind Brave and enjoy seeing your project improve so greatly over the last year. Unfortunately, some - IMO - basic functionality hasn’t been implemented yet. Thus I made a list of things that I think should be and could be easily implemented with the upcoming releases:

  1. When I start a Tor window, then close the original non-Tor window, there’s no way to open a non-Tor window again without closing the entire browser first. We really REALLY need an option for that. Sometimes I have multiple tabs open with Tor but need a new non-Tor window but I can’t get one without losing all my Tor-Tabs - especially as we can’t save bookmarks from within Tor! Feels like one is trapped.

…which brings us to point 2:

  1. Please enable bookmarks from within Tor. I know this is related to the fact that Tor windows open as a different user but you should really consider whether or not we actually need these users. It’s a shitty Google relict that I think complicates things unnecessarily. I’m already logged into my OS, I don’t need a browser-account. Settings are to be saved locally - as you fortunately do, so what do we need different browser-user accounts for?

  2. This is a BIG fucking security issue: Obviously there are different settings for Tor and non-Tor windows. This is good :+1: - BUT: standard settings for Tor-shields are not very secure AND even though we get the option to change these settings for global Tor-shields, they’re not getting saved after closing the window. I get why site-specific shield settings aren’t being saved - we’re in a private tab obviously, so all these settings have to get discarded after the session, but global Tor-shield settings HAVE to be remembered, otherwise people browse thinking they have scripts blocked and then they wonder why every site is being displayed so smoothly and oh fuck all the entire shields are leaky. Please fix ASAP!

  3. This is optional, I know it can be a security risk if people accidentally click on it, but I would like to have the option within Tor windows to right-click a link and choose to open it in a non-Tor window. Ideally, make it optional to enable or disable this menu-feature from the settings panel.

  4. It has been requested multiple times, I’ve seen you acknowledging it, just want to give my +1 for bringing back Session Tabs.

  5. It would help a lot with organizing bookmarks if he had the option to add “separators” like in Firefox. It’s basically just a line we can create and drag&drop it in between bookmarks in the bookmark manager. Sometimes bookmarks in the same bookmark folder belong to somewhat different groups still and it helps the overview if we can sort them a little more clearly this way.

  6. You seem determined to get rid of menu bars (God knows why) - however, on Mac, there will always be a menu bar. Please complete that bar to include at least as many options as the hamburger menu. On the current Brave version, there is no option for a new private window with Tor in the menu bar, only in the hamburger menu.

  7. More of a question and not a basic feature: there is currently no extension available that enables the downloading of YouTube videos that isn’t adware. Certainly non on the chrome store. As far as I know, creating personal local copies of videos is legal at least in my country. As you already coded your own ad-blocker, do you think there is a chance for brave to ever include its own media downloader that detects every media on a visited site, lists it and enables the user to select which of it he wants to download? You would certainly not get in the google store with that if it included YouTube but maybe just implement it in the desktop version.

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Pushing this as all the points hold true in the new release still.
Please someone address this.




This one is already on the board and making good progress. See these two issues for more info:


The “user menu”/“profile menu” is getting gutted in due time. Bookmarks in tor windows already in progress:


This one also on the board - I’ll ping that GH thread to see if there have been any updates or if we can push it up in priority.


See #1 :point_up_2:


We hear ya!


Good idea - I would open/post this as a separate feature request from the rest of these.


3/10 of these are all the same . question - see #1 for the answer to it.
I do want to linger here for a moment to address something (I may make a post about this by itself since it’s brought up so often): Brave did not remove the menu bar. This is the default look and behavior for any chromium browser. Given that 97% of what’s in the menu bar is also contained within the Main menu in-browser it’s unlikely this change will be made any time soon - if ever.


Not plans for this that I know of right now - several other large projects in the work though. However, again, you should open this as its own stand-alone feature request.