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Hi. I found serious problem impossible to solve.
I had to reinstall system, and after I installed brave - it automatically created new profile - useless one.
When I imported my account - It appeared as second one - with info (imported) - and it’s the only one I can delete. I cannot delete other profile.
I go to CRYPTO WALLETS - click on round icon next to my chosen network, there SETTINGS and CONTACTS.
MY CRYPTO WALLETS - I have both of them, but when I click on the one I don’t want - and there EDIT - DELETE ACCOUNTS - nothing happens, it does not delete.
Any way how to fix that buggy situation ? Reinstalling brave does exact the same thing.
Other sites trying to connect to my brave crypto wallet account are often connecting to my first (the useless one) account and there is nothing I can do.
I’d be grateful for help how to delete unused crypto wallet account.

So noone knows how to fix it ?

I have the same problem

Hello everybody, I’m having a problem with my crypto wallet too but is different than the issue you are describing but thought that maybe there is some correlation between our issues. I started setting up my wallet today and after going through all the steps like confirming seed phrase, which got confirmed, the screen went to a blank gray screen with nothing and I mean nothing. Even after closing that window and opening a new window, navigating to the Brave menu, and clicking on the ‘Crypto Wallet’ button, the screen is totally blank and gray. The little brave shield icon with a lion face was also gray and couldnt be clicked on that particular page.


Im having the exact same issue, just a gray screen, completely blank when I try to open Brave crypto wallets. I have closed everything, reinstalled everything, I am not sure what else to do. Has anyone found a solution to this problem yet?


Hello @oddball, A Brave Wallet Error Campaign has begun at the link below. Albeit that the initial issue discussed in that Brave Wallet Error Campaign is not the same as our issue here but there may be some correlation between the issues and just want to share the link to the Brave Wallet Error Campaign so that you could join others in that campaign if you were interested. The link is…

Brave Wallet Error Campaign

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