Multidirectional BATs wallet and some other features


Please make multidirectional BATs wallet as soon as possible. Also Brave ads need to work too. This can completely change the browser market and can make Brave more popular than ever. Multidirectional BATs wallet and Brave ads needs to arrive on Android and iOS too. Having the navigation bar at the bottom and a dark theme for Android and iOS would also be great too.
Thank you, Brave Team!


Thanks for the feedback @Crispy,

Multidirectional wallet is in the work, AFAIK. And the team is currently testing Brave ads on desktop with some help from selected contributors.

It’s also planned for mobile IIRC.

Issues logged for Android (for both requests) and need to check it first for iOS. :slightly_smiling_face:


Slow down turbo! I am excited to see a two way wallet and ads as well; it will happen. If you were to take a look at github you would see that both of your main requests are slated to be integrated soon and it looks like they are pretty well right on schedule. Cheers