Multiboxing / stacking private windows or normal ones

Keep in mind I have no clue what i’m talking about … if it doesn’t make sense just ignore me.

So … playing a browser game if I open brave and then a private window that will log 2 different accounts of the same game … we’re good … if I open 1 normal 1 private and 1 thor … samething we good. same goes if I open thor windows 3 times, I can peacefully play on 3 different account, but we know for obvious reasons that playing a browser game on x3 thor windows makes little to no sense and i’m aware of it.

now if I open brave and then 2 private window to play 3 accounts of the same game, that’s where it get annoying … IT IS VERY LITTLE and far from me the idea of complaining, you make a amazing product. but yeah the 2 windows are interacting with each others. when a user start playing … he has to get on 1 account … then the 2 windows will follow … log out 1 of the account cause of the duplicate login, log back on it and then i’m good … for a bit … until I want to refresh the window so my account refresh and I’m able see the daily reset of the game properly … then they link again and I have to do it again.

Now again … this is not my domain and I don’t want to be that guy that know so little he doesn’t realises that he’s asking about something that makes no sense … if it is just ignore the message

so yeah if there is reasons that you might want the private window to behave like they do now I don’t know about them … but if there isn’t … that would be a very nice QoL upgrade

also if it is already on chrome://flags/ again … just ignore

the first time I got on that page I started reading. As I saw all those functions, and 15 min of reading, I went straight up to buy BAT tokens … I was a firefox user that was happy with it and well set on it … I had no reason to change really… I did a first try with brave … failed … wasn’t a good timing I guess … and the second time I did a full swap ! !

Its a very awesome browser and congrats for that … keep it up I can’t even see any competition for you guys around !