Multi-monitor Issue


I would like to report that whenever I disconnect the multi-monitor (i.e: undock) the windows on the secondary monitor are hidden. Logically it should automatically appear on the main monitor once undock.

Lenovo Thinkpad P50 (with workstation dock)


hi, could I know that “hidden” means here that the windows stay on the monitor which had been docked and cannot be moved into the 1st monitor? best,


i got kinda similar issue, i have a 2 monitor on my pc, primary and secondary, i usually turn off and disconnect the secondary, and when i boot up my pc and run brave, it doesnt show up in my primary monitor , but brave is already running.


Same issue happened to me a 2 weeks ago.
I usually open brave on my secondary monitor. but if this 2nd monitor is disconnected, and then reboot and I open Brave, it still “appear” on the secondary screen (disconnected), instead of switching to open on the primary monitor.


In my case ( Dell XPS 13 7th gen) and 2 other monitors. Browser window is totally lost and even after force close, restart. Now brave window just doesn’t show up on either displays even after uninstall and re-install. I’ve jumped on to ‘edge’ until then

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