Much needed feature for Brave on IOS involving background youtube play and "Desktop mode"


This browser has massive potential. One thing that is missing though is the ability to lock the browser/website to that site only. For example, right now if you go to on brave (iOS), then you go to options > desktop version, it will boot you off brave, take you to the youtube app then to safari. You can’t play youtube videos in the background on the mobile site, they’ve specifically blocked that.

A feature that Dolphin X has is “Desktop Mode”, which makes the site locked onto only the desktop variant. Then in desktop mode you can play a youtube video, turn display off then hit play on the control centre to play the audio in the background. This would be great to be implemented in this browser. Somewhere in the settings a toggle of ‘Desktop mode’, shouldn’t be too hard to implement.


Do you mind letting us know which Version of Brave you are running and the iOS version? I only see the YouTube link opening in a new tab when you select Desktop mode. You can open the desktop tab by clicking on the share icon and then selecting Open desktop tab which basically loads YT in desktop mode in a new tab. Doesn’t switch to YT app.


Awesome, worked great! Didn’t know there was a desktop mode tucked away in the share icon. Going to switch to this browser as my primary and recommend to others.

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