MSI files for Group Policy installations in corporate environments



I posted this in the Rocket Chat, but got forwarded here.
We really would like to be able to deploy the Brave browser on our corporate workstations, but we will need .MSI files, instead of .Exe files to do this. Here’s the request :

Am I in the right place for suggesting features for the brave browser?
It’s not necessarily a feature, but more an implementation

I would love to give my users the opportunity to use the Brave Browser on our environment.
To be able to do this, a .MSI file is required to automate the installation.
On the current website, I can only find .Exe downloadables.

As far as I’ve searched, I can’t extract an .MSI file from this .Exe file to do what I want to do.
Could you guys deliver .MSI files so that corporate environments can deploy the Brave browser?

Here is another requester asking the same ^

Hohenheim 1:34 PM
Oh, I (we) don’t even need Admin Templates, we can fix those ourselves. We simply need an installable .msi file and we’ll figure the rest out

bat-stephen Admin Owner 2:05 PM

Welcome @Hohenheim, Brave MSI installers were originally available quite some time ago but were removed from the release channel.
It would be best if you create a new topic at the Brave Community so the team can review

Hohenheim 2:16 PM
Hi Stephen, thanks for your answer.
When viewing the link you posted, this seems like there were more issues with users incorrectly using the .msi files, compared to real issues with the .msi files

My suggestion would be to make .Msi files available for developers/administrators on a seperate page and not directly on the download page ( to avoid confused users)
I will create a topic when I have the time, but I think this can do huge steps for adoption.
For instance ; Whenever users at a firm use Brave browser to avoid certain IE / Chrome quirks (or simply the built in add-blocker) , people will start using it at work and then download it at home, because it is simply a great browser
It is impossible for people like me to convert my users otherwise, since users are simply very lazy by nature and will only change a standard, if they see benefit in it.
If one never used a beneficial software, they won’t know that they are working on inferior products.

In a way this is one of the reasons how Chrome was able to dominate the current market. Users were able to choose Chrome and whenever they experienced issues with a website, Administrators would tell the users to use Chrome instead of IE. I can see the same path for Brave, but I’ll have to be able to deploy it :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not going to install Brave manually 1000 times :slight_smile: