Mp4 video downloader extension?

I was wondering if there would ever be an extension for downloading youtube videos or just any mp4 videos in general. Similar to certain extensions on FireFox that have such abilities. That would be great. I love the browser so far, it’s pretty snappy and quick. Though I’m not quite ready to make it my default browser.

Third-party extension often tend to pose a threat to user’s privacy & security as they can access & keep a database of each and every site you visit or even a malicious actor can exploit a particular extension for “bad things”. I always prefer third-party sites to download You-tube Videos.

I could suggest you a couple of sites which you can use to download videos online from famous platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ChrunchyRoll & a bunch of “Not so appropriate for kids” sites!

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Hello Bob
What sites/program do you recommend?

@TrickPony offers a vast amount of support to download videos from a lot of websites. offers a great platform to download YouTube videos into HD Video formats & 4 different Audio formats is another site but I mostly prefer the above once. might come handy is another one.

I hope these come handy!


[Use these sites on your own responsibility. Some of these may contain NSFW material. Having an antivirus on the machine continually watching your system is a good idea. AVG Free is what I prefer. Avast Free is also an another option]

Thanks for your quick reply…I will give these a try but I sure would like a browser extension like Download Helper.

Feel free to ping back on Brave community!!

Best Regards! :smile:

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