Mozilla betrayed me. Can I trust you?

I loved using Firefox because it was an internet browser that valued your privacy. More importantly, I believed they were a strong proponent for a free and open internet.

But following the US Capital incident, Mozilla began advocating the filtering of information, separating what they considered “factual” from whatever was offensive, and monitoring where the posts are coming from and who supports them. They betrayed my trust in them because now they advocate what is effectively censorship and policing the internet, which flies in the face of the free and open internet we all rally for, not to mention violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the US Constitution.

Because of these things, I have decided to cut off all ties to Mozilla (including further use of Firefox) and switched to Brave. But now, I have some hard questions for you before I continue use of this browser.

Now, first of all, I don’t browse the dark web. In fact, I stay as far away from that as possible- that’s my prerogative- so I’m not asking you to endorse anything that is clearly illegal or immoral.

But my questions for you are thus:

  • Do you support an open internet, free of bias towards whatever information- true or false, political or religious- is posted; where public opinion is valued and the right to petition and peaceful protest is protected?
  • Do you truly believe that our privacy on the web, free from government or third-party tracking (within the scope of the law and constitution), is paramount?

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