Moz rank extension


Hey there,
The only extension that I constantly use is the Moz Rank one, which gives the Domain Authority of every site I visit.
But with Brave it doesn’t work, and when I click on the icon a new page opens, which is not useful.
Fixing that one would be a great win :slight_smile:
Thanks again,
J -


@Jonathan Thanks for reporting the issue. Can you please provide more info like on which platform and brave version are you seeing this issue. Just tried it on Latest release version 0.58.18. I am not seeing the issue. I can see Moz rank page when i click on icon on Windows 10

Please provide the below details so that we can investigate the rootcause for the issue.

  1. Brave version ( settings->about brave)
  2. Platform and version (windows/macOS/Linux)



Here is the message again with a link to Youtube for the video I’ve done:

Hi Geeta,

Thanks for your reply.

I updated it to the last version but no change.

I’m on a macbook air.

I made a video for you to see the issue:

Hope that helps,


cc @Mattches @kamil Can you please assist the user, as i don’t have macbook.



I’m actually getting the same results but I’m not entirely sure why. I’ll have to reach out to some other team members. Are you having issues with any other extensions?


Not really, this is the only extension I know that actually shows something right in the icon.
I also don’t use any other.
Thank you for your help, I’m sure many other people face the same issue.
J -


Can you try setting the cookie control in your Global/Default Shields settings to Allow all? May need to relaunch the browser. This is not a solution to the issue necessarily, just a test.


Just tried it and relaunched it, nothing changed :confused:
When I click the icon it still opens a new Moz tab without giving me any number.

Thanks in advance,

J -