Moving to a new computer - Pending rewards question

Is there anyway to copy over PENDING rewards when moving to a new computer?

I have a linked wallet now, but not sure how to get the pending rewards that haven’t been credited yet but have been earned in August

There is no way to move pending rewards over to a new computer as each computer has their own local wallet that cannot be transferred. If you have the wallet linked to Uphold, then the pending rewards will transfer over to Uphold sometime within the week after payouts begin which should be September 5thish.

Real shame you can’t sync rewards.
I have a wallet linked yeah but I didn’t think pending rewards synced over if you no longer have that computer where they are pending on?

On your old computer did you verify the wallet to Uphold? If so they should transfer over to your Uphold balance come payout time. It shouldn’t matter if the computer is turned off or tossed in a trash can. But if your problem is trying to get those rewards from that computers Brave local wallet to sync to your new computer then no that cannot happen. If your old computer still works to at least turn on for a bit, you could verify that computer to Uphold. But I would not do this unless you have a significant amount of BAT as that would count towards the 4 max lifetime device limit and would ultimately waste a slot that cannot be deleted.

I did yes.
Nothing showing on new machine about pending rewards sadly.

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