Moving to a new computer, don't want to lose one of my "4 connected to Uphold" slots, what are my options?

My work are upgrading my machine, great.

However, it means that on my new machine, I’m not going to be able to link my Uphold account, as I’m also logged into my personal machine and I think I’m at the 4 connected account limit as I’ve connected and disconnected Brave installs in the past, before I knew of this hidden limit.

Is there a way that I can check and ideally, reset this limit, even if it needs Brave support to do it, I don’t mind, I just think it’s a dumb idea that once I’ve connected 4, that’s it, no way back.

I know I can just tip myself each month but honestly, this just seems like a pointless waste of my time due to the very shortsighted limit across the lifetime (LIFETIME!!?) of the account…

I asked Uphold support and they said to speak to Brave support as it’s not them limiting this, I don’t know why instead of the dumb 4 connection limit across the lifetime of the account, how about the option for support to be able to change this, even if I can only change one slot every 90 days, it better than never.

Does the wallet backup actually reuse one of the 4 connected devices or is it for people who haven’t linked to Uphold like the below message on the page seems to suggest?

If you’d like to secure all of your funds in the case of clean installing the browser or switching to a new device, and have other benefits such as adding, withdrawing and transferring funds, we recommendconnecting to a verified Uphold wallet.

Hi @lanceuppercut, from my understanding, there is no getting around this, unfortunately. Only to move the funds out first.

I find this very interesting…

…because as I’ve learnt, it is Uphold who has placed this limit upon us, not Brave… :confused:

Gemini is an option, too, but only for Creators right now. I believe they don’t have such a limit, but hopefully someone more knowledgeable on Gemini can add to this discussion.

Edit to add some more insight:

What are my options, I do have a Brave Creators reward account, but if it is Uphold that is imposing this limit after all, how do I move my BAT from Uphold to Gemini?

I’m not a Creator, but I think the first thing to do is get a Gemini account and get it verified (I have read at several different places that Gemini can take much longer to verify than Uphold). And in the meantime, you could post a new topic under Brave Rewards > Publishers > tag of your choice asking for advice from other Creators, or if Support could point you in the right direction.
There’s a thread that talks a little about it here, too.

Edit… maybe there is some information on this when you sign in here, @lanceuppercut, too…?

Thanks, just created a Gemini account and waiting for verification, oddly it says the DOB is invalid, I wonder if it wanted MM/DD/YYYY instead of the DD/MM/YYYY that I’m used to in the UK.

I’m reading a lot about how Gemini is not great, people depositing money in and getting stuck in verify hell, well joke’s on them, I’m not doing anything until I’m verified I guess that also means diverting my BAT to them.

Edit: so it looks like I’d just need to disconnect from Uphold and connect to Gemini, seems easy enough, just gotta wait to be verified now.

Thanks for the help.

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That can get me, too, especially if they don’t express the format desired.
I hope all goes smoothly for you, good luck :slight_smile:

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The backup feature was disabled some months ago, but it only saved the pending rewards, to save your claimed bat you still had to verify the wallet with uphold.


@lanceuppercut, are they going to change the hard drive/ssd too?

They’re replacing the entire device, sorry poor choice of words. I guess it should’ve been “work are replacing my existing work machine with a brand new machine”

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