Moving Bookmarks Feels Clunky


I’m used to the smooth feel of organizing my bookmarks in the Chrome browser. Sure there aren’t any tools for it but it’s very responsive to doing it manually. I have a lot of bookmarks and I like to organize them better from time to time.

Unfortunately it feels extremely clunky trying to move different bookmarks as well as different bookmark folders. I know that being able to collapse bookmark folders is being worked on but at the same time I feel like I’m trying to wrestle with the software when it comes to organizing my bookmarks.

Simply trying to organize a folder with just 10 bookmarks feels like a chore. I haven’t been able to actually get any of the bookmarks to move yet. Move them to another folder perhaps but certainly never able to put them exactly where I want them.

Perhaps this issue has come up before but I couldn’t find it. Even with some of the lag issues I could overlook if the bookmarks just worked properly.


@DarthLizardWizard. Can you please let me know which version of brave you have installed? Now we are able to move the bookmarks from one folder to another folder in the latest release version 0.23.19.



This was made on Sep. 17th of last year. It’s much smoother to move bookmarks to another folder now. However, moving folders is still pretty clunky. You can move folders into other folders but if you try to move a folder to organize things that are on the same level.

I can’t say much on organizing bookmarks how you want them or how smooth that feels because my bookmarks are bugged right now.

I was testing moving stuff around and deleted a test folder. Now everything is blank even though my bookmarks bar is still working, which probably means they are still there but are invisible. Tried closing Brave and opening again but still not there.

Once Brave has as good of bookmarks as Chrome and also android app syncing, I know that’s being worked on, I’ll really start migrating everything I do to it.


When i move a bookmark i never really know where in the list it will end up. Will it be placed above, under, left or right the item where my mouse is.
Maybe there can be a visual marker like in firefox with a line where the bookmark will be places.

firefox_virtual_book_marker firefox_horizonal_book_marker


Ignore my post. Just downloaded the Dev version and notices that it has an line when moving bookmarks.