Moved to another country where a custodial account is possible, how to move forward?


  • Gemini is no longer supported.



Then you wouldn’t be able to connect to Uphold or whatever. The API they built that tells Brave what country you’re from is based on your nationality as provided by your passport.

Correct, as proof of residence is for Uphold or others only. They don’t report that to Brave and is not as valid for KYC/AML. It is incredibly easy to pay someone off to have something sent to an address or put a bill in your name so as to pretend you live somewhere. It is not as easy to get official government identification, which is why they put the emphasis on this.

To get this, you’ll need a passport or other acceptable ID that you’ll use to create or update your Uphold account.

Otherwise, you’ll just need to wait until on chain payments arrive, which you can read more about at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators