Moved back to Chrome for now



Hi there,

Crypto enthusiasts, fan of the project and concept and BAT investor reporting.

I have been using the Brave browser on both my phone and browser for the last 2 monts. In that time I have made many other people enthustiastic to use the Brave browser.

Unfortunately today is the day that I’m switching back to Chrome and will not recommend using the desktop browser to other people for now. I thought it would important to let you know I decided to do so.

The main reason is that currently, the browser is not suitable for me for everyday (business) use.

The main reasons are:

Online text editing
This is my main reason for switching back currently. In the online enviroment I work in, working with Google docs, Trello and Gmail is the standard. Since the last 2 updates (if I remember correctly) the text indicator is not showing when doing online editing (example: gmail, google docs). For me; absolutely unacceptable in order to have a normal working day.

Unpredicatable behaviour of tabs
When working at client side I often have to use their network to login (intranet, etc). Currently, the behaviour of opening tabs is very unpredictable. I happens often that the Browser keeps opening tabs without stopping and I have to close down the browser itself.

Startup of browser
Startup of the browser itself takes very long sometimes (can take up to 10 seconds). Not a major blocker, but if you work in a business environment where you have to present (Skype) a lot this is pretty annoying.

Embedded video
Minor issue, but not as you would like; embedded Twitter videos aren’t playing (example:

Taking all of the above into account I decided (again; unfortunately) the time has come to deinstall the Brave browser for now and go back to Chrome. I absolute believe in the project and your team 100% and I’m sure the desktop browser will perform better over time. But for now, this is not up to standard for me to use. To be clear; I will be using the Brave browser on my mobile. This rocks; super fast and I never had any problems.

I will do another attempt of switching at the end of the year, hope its up to my standard by then.

Thought it would be good to let the above know to you guys. Thanks and keep up the good work.



I’ve only been using Brave for a few days and I think I agree with you-especially as far as the work/business side of things. I can’t have my browser freeze up on my while taking notes on a video call. The text indicator-a problem on google docs as well as the URL bar in my case-is a huge annoyance.

Anyways: Brave folks-keep up the hard work. I think you’re onto something, and I’ll keep one eye on Brave progress in the future.


I thought this was it! Apparently not because the latest update came with a serious flaw for IOS: when using VPN (which I have to) only the browser opens with the first tab. Further opening of tabs leads to unaccessible tabs.
For me it’s back to Safari en Chrome but I’ll also investigate how Tor will behave.

Good luck Robert


Hi @robertbelt,

Thank you for taking time to write this feedback. :slight_smile:
Mainly, it’s a known issue and for some issue the fix is coming in future release.

This one is logged here
I added your comment (along with yours @GaWd) as +1 and you can track the progress in the link above.

I’m not sure about this one. Will ccing @sriram and @LaurenWags.

This one is logged here:

And this one is logged here

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Just signed up to the forums here. Apparently I’m in restricted mode so I cannot post my own topics? Very annoying.
So I guess I’ll just post here.

Just installed Brave because I want to de-Google myself. What I’ve noticed so far:

I can’t seem to get Flash to function properly in Brave.
I’ve enabled Adobe Flash support in Brave > Plugins.

So I’ve tried to install it again
and I cannot install Flash from the Brave troubleshooting wiki link:
Nor Pepper Flash from Brave Plugins section.
I click “install now” but nothing happens.

When I go to “” I can see the Flash video play though.

However, on a site I frequent, I cannot play flash videos. I can play the videos
from the site in Chrome without a problem.

Also, what’s interesting - on the same site when I try to “save” photos
Right Click > Save Image >
It comes up with a .ashx file extension. No JPG. But I’m able to save the images
as JPG in Chrome. Other sites I can save images with Brave, but not this particular site.

So any solutions?


Thanks for the extensive reply Eljuno. Very good sign that you guys are so responsive.

Looking forward to the updates, will try out the desktop browser in a month or 2. Will let you know if its up to my standards then.



It looks related with the way in which Brave handles file extensions.

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