Move tokens from brave to uphold


I’ve seen that some tokens are in Brave
how can i move them to uphold?

just login into your Uphold (in the app seem easy)… there you’ll find a “>” near the BAT tap on it it will open two BAT portfolio (BAT Rewards and BAT Browser) just tap on BAT Browser anbd trasfer you’re BAT to BAT Rewards…This way your BAT got transfered with 0(zero) fees

If you want to send money is better XLM they got almost no fees as they not rely on Ethereum net… (converting from BAT to XLM have “fees” it’s a conversion on a market that is moving SO it will vary upon the fluctuation of the market)

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i only got “brave browser” in my Uphold account with already some tokens
i can’t see any Brave Rewards in Uphold

i also have already linked my “brave rewards” in Uphold tho

your are a bit confused…
you have ONLY Brave Browser or both (Brave rewards too)? (in the same account of course …)

edit are you using the APP or the desktop(classic or new interface)? (interfaces are a bit different …)

i got
“brave browser”
“brave rewards”

i got some tokens from “brave browser” in Uphold

so… just transfer from browser wallet to rewards wallet… and you will not see anymore in your browser but only when login to uphold


where do i have to click?
cause if i click on the button on the right i got redirected to uphold where i can get tokens from my brave browser wallet


is that?

oh my… :slightly_smiling_face:
You do it all only when you are in your Uphold account… so… you have to login to Uphold…

Take a breath…
and read back what I already posted

i’ve already logged in in Uphold

thanks a lot for helping

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i only have that

yeah… good luck
sooner or later someone over there will help you … or you will understand by your own :kissing_heart:

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i want to know why i can’t put any token from Brave to uphold
cause some days ago i did that automatically

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