Move the new tab button up on vertical tabs

Here’s the GitHub issue for it

open 10 tabs in Edge vs 10 tabs in Brave, in Edge, first you need to look where the last tab is, then move your mouse there, then wait for the button to go down on every new tab to open, which means you keep lowering your mouse more and more, until it is full and then the button is placed at the bottom.

Having it below the last tab is more convenient in general. You’re in a minority if you’re more frequently opening many new tabs at once.

I agree that the keyboard short-cut is a good work-around for the normal person, but there are single armed people in the world… or people with a few digits that aren’t able to span control+T with a single hand, etc., and if they’re using the mouse, it’s a super-long travel to go down to the bottom of the browser. Plus, think about all the boomer+ population who will likely want to stick to using a mouse…

How is having it below the last tab more convenient than always having it in the same place? It’s not. It’s just something we have grown accustomed to.

Because the tab related buttons would be grouped together, so if you interact with any tabs then proceed to add a new tab it’s always closer (and conveniently nearer to the middle of the screen)

Also it’s very inconvenient when the window is slightly lower on the screen as the + button becomes hidden, making it necessary to drag the window higher just to add a new tab. It’s the only UI element at the bottom (other than sidebar settings which is rarely used)

And it’s intuitive that the new tab will be in place of where the new tab button was! So you can directly close/mute/pin/whatever directly in the same place!

Current new tab button in vertical mode actually feels like an aspect of an unfinished feature, not a deliberate decision. Notice that the empty space under the list of the tabs has no context menu (at least for me on Mac OS / Brave 1.61.104) . Of course Brave has ‘reopen last closed tab’ menu item in a context menu of an open tab, but Chrome spent a good deal of effort teaching me to click on empty space for that.

First time I used vertical tab layout I was at a loss where the new tab button was and had to use cmd+t which is really inconvenient as most of the time when I browse my hands aren’t even on the keyboard, I select a bookmark from the bookmarks bar. So I would really prefer the new tab button to be on top, close to the bookmarks, this way ‘click new tab + click bookmarks bar item’ would work as usual. The button at the bottom is so far away it’s next to useless, I’d rather use cmd+t or ‘open bookmark in a new tab’, both of which are less than ideal.

I agree, that makes sense.

I agree that it should at least be a choice where the button shows up when using the vertical tabs.
Another option, could be something similar to what Firefox uses, where you mouse click with the middle mouse button on an empty part of the “tab bar” and it creates a new tab. This would at least make it possible to open a new tab without the need for the + button to change places and people needing to unnecessarily move the mouse that further down the screen when you only have like 4 or 5 tabs open…

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Yes, I have high-res monitors and the new tab button is far away from any tabs. Add the option to change it please. Bonus points for having multiple options, like:

  • Bottom
  • Top
  • Docked to tab list (Below Tabs)