Move "Paste & Go" and Favorites along with address bar position

The new option to choose the address bar location (top or bottom) on mobile devices is great. However, I think that the “Paste & Go” button and bookmarks to favorite sites should move along with the bar.

Hello @g0to, thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you have a suggestion or feature you’d like to see implemented in the browser, please leave us a Feature request, Please see:


Since this was a comment regarding a recently released feature (bottom address bar), I thought it was appropriate to post it on this version.

@Jarc-1107, could you confirm if I should submit it as a brand new feature request instead of as a comment about the new feature. It’s not exactly a bug, but something left behind during the feature release, IMO.


Hello again @g0to, thank you for your suggestion. We are going to take this into consideration and the ticket will remain as New Feature Feedback Regards.