Move New Tab button to the right


The main UI buttons and menus are all in the upper right corner of the screen which makes sense for easy access with the thumb when holding the phone with the right hand.

The New Tab “+” button does not follow this rule and is positioned in the upper left corner, which requires the user to fully extent their thumb across the screen, or to use their left hand to access it. Also, the work flow to open a new tab requires one tap on the Tabs button in the upper right corner, and then one tap on the “+” button in the upper left corner.

It would be a lot more ergonomic to position the New Tab button next to the Tabs button, so the users can easily tap both buttons in succession to create a new tab.


It’ll be considered from the viewpoint of the whole UI.


If this happens, please make it an option rather than forced one or the other. I use my phone left handed, and I vastly prefer navigation on the left side.


You access the web on a tiny little phone?



this will take a lot of difference in the UI
i dont think so this will happen!