Move bookmarks access to the toolbar at the bottom for better 1-handed browsing

The current way you access bookmarks in the iOS browser feels like a design flaw and really impedes 1-handed browsing.

  • The buttons for tab creation and switching are both located at the bottom right-hand corner of the UI.
  • The bookmarks button is currently located at the top left-hand corner, which is the furthest it could possibly be from the buttons for creating & switching tabs.

This is a nightmare for 1-handed browsing. The majority of the time, I want to access my bookmarks just after I’ve created a new tab, or after I’ve switched between tabs. With the current layout, the buttons for these 2 things are located as far apart from each other as they can be, and during 1-handed operation this gets really clunky and fatiguing.

The way iOS Safari lays these things out is much much preferred:

  • Bookmarks and tabs management buttons are located next to each other on the bottom toolbar.
  • There is no dedicated button for creating a new tab on the bottom toolbar. You can do this either by hold-clicking on the tab overview button and choosing “New Tab” from the menu that pops up, or by actually clicking tab overview where there is a “+” button for new tabs at the bottom.

Hoping this can be addressed!

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