Move addressbar to bottom


Can you move addressbar to bottom or give option to choose, where should be located addressbar (top or bottom)?
It will be very useful for mobile devices with large screens (5.0+ inches).
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Hi @flips,

You can do it (move Address/URL Bar to bottom) by following these steps:

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It’s not best approach, as it also changes other things in browser.


Can you elaborate more about this? What “other things” that changed?

If you only follow the How do I make url bar in the bottom? steps, it only change the URL bar location.


Changed the way of creation of new tabs, should swipe up to see main page, downloads or history.
So it’s not only moves address bar to bottom.
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ping @LaurenWags and @Serg. Is this doable?


@eljuno I think user is saying that those things also happen when following those instructions.

@flips - am I correct in that you only want the address bar at the bottom, and other items (creating new tabs, shield icon, 3 dots menu) to be at the top?


@LaurenWags nope
I meaned, that with moving address bar to bottom with 3 dots menu, brave shield, “add new tab” button, it’s changed way of creation new tabs, appeared draggable area, which you drag up and downloads, history and bookmarks appears and this is the only way to access those three things. And address bar still at top, when you typing something there.

What I want - same functionality and behavior with address bar at bottom, as it behaves, when address bar at top.

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Hi @flips

Thanks for the clarification. Not sure about this, will have to loop in @samartnik and get this thoughts.



I don’t have quick solution for this. We will work on GUI improvements later. Currently we are focused on sync and security features.


No problem!
It’s not so necessary feature.
Just take into account for future releases.
Thanks and best regards!

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