Mouse Gestures (/extensions)


As a power user, I use an external mouse 95% of the time.
My browsing speed is largely determined by using mouse gestures, very common in extention-supported browsers.

More specifically, I drag rightmouse to the left to go back, to the right to go forward.
It’s a huge delaying factor not being able to use this (and a deal breaker for me, personally).

Feature Request - Mouse Gestures

Thanks for the post, we’re tracking this issue here:


Hey Brian, thanks for the heads up.
Looks like a feature request and not an issue to me, but there we go.

Thanks for the Brave!


I would like to contribute this to the conversation:
It’s the FF add on I use for mouse gestures and it is very customizable! I’d love to have m.g. on Brave too, I loved them since the original opera browser introduced them to me :wink:



So, is it coming soon?


@sampson Would be able to help you in it


I am sorry but I dont understand your question(?)…
If the question is if I can help, then the answer would be no, unfortunately not.
Or do you mean sampson could help me with it? If so then whats ‘it’ exactly? I am not sure…


@bad1080 Sorry for the confusion. My bad. I thought you meant that you would like to help in implementing the extension for Brave. @sampson is our extension expert so I mentioned his name if he can help you in implementing the extension.


Just out of curiosity, does that imply that if mouse gestures are to be implemented, it’ll be more likely in the form of an extension?

While I believe FireGestures as @bad1080 mentioned is a solid extension that I use on Firefox too, I personally prefer that gestures are integrated in the browser.

I like the implementation of Vivaldi. Easy to understand and settings integrated into the browser.

Also, other Chromium based browsers seem to block access for extension in some parts of the browser, including gestures extensions, but maybe that can be worked around.

PS: Not mentioned here, but I think closely related, I would love in so called ‘rocker gestures’ are also included, as an option.


I will love to see the Gesture add-on too.


I would also like to see a mouse-gestures add-on of some time. FireGestures is a good one. Better than several others. It’s settings can be exported/imported and also synced across browsers. Lastly I also like the customizeable Rocker gestures. (I use them to rapidly close tabs.)


Sorry if it’s a wrong place to post it… But it’s mouse related… Well, Wacom that is…

The thing is, if middle mouse button (in my case pen’s button) (not to be confused with wheel scroll) is used to scroll the page down or up, Brave unneccesarily selects (highlights) all the text and causing big frustration. Is there a way to stop this behaviour and just scroll without selecting the text ? Just like in Firefox. Many thanks.


Hi @polyx,

The issue is logged here. I added your comment as +1 and you can track the progress here:

Thank you,


I think basic mouse gestures should be built into all browsers , THESE ARE THE ESSENTIALS without them browsing is clunky .
Select which mouse button to hold then

SWIPE : Down : close ; Downup : reopen ; up(on a link) : opens link in a background tab ;Hold button to zoom in and out .

I can live without the endless possibilities just not these .


Closing thread as the feature request is already posted and tracked.

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