Mouse capture support for Android?

I would like to see brave browser with Mouse capture support (grabbing the mouse cursor, so input is collected even when out of bound/borders of the screen), so it can be compatible with first person games, or even remote desktop sites or KVM that require grabbing the cursor. It could also be used in sites that want to replace the mouse cursor in the OS for their own customized one, for some reason.

In my experience, browsers on desktop mode do not work with cursor movement on noVNC.

This feature is already implemented in chrome for chromeOS, but there are no browsers currently supporting pointer capture on Android, even though the API is there. I would like mouse capture support to make the android browser helpful for a desktop mode, like motorolas ready for, or samsungs dex.

Android has already provided a way to add mouse capture to apps, since 8.0:

What is mouse capture?: