Most-visted sites feature

I’m not sure what else to call it in the subject line, but when I got to type in the URL field, a list of sites pops up beneath the field. I thought this was a list of my most-visited sites, and I always thought it was a pretty handy feature.
Lately, though, I’ve learned that this is, in fact, a list of searches or something, because all of a sudden, on top of my favorite sites, the list is being populated with all kinds of random searches I’ve made recently and even some from a week or two ago; things I’ve searched only once or twice, not frequently. I keep having to delete these new search links and it’s annoying.

THE POINT OF ALL THIS: I’d either like for this list to be my most-frequented sites, or for there to be a setting where I can make a list of my most-frequented sites and have those little link-buttons pop up whenever I touche the URL bar.