Most relevant issue

When using Brave Android app, if “livestream” video loaded yet “PAUSED”, and user attempts to watch video is other app, eg. Instagram, Youtube app, etc…

“Livestream” video only LOADED in Brave App, NOT playing, but PAUSED, this aspect causes all other app videos to either pause or mute after 3 seconds of audio, and if audio is reinitiated thru interaction with the non-Brave video in question, the audio will reappear, and then fade to disappeared 3 seconds later yet again and forever.

The PROOF is in every instance I have suffered this problem,

COUNT: 3 times a day, for a year… = over 150 times.

once I CLOSE THE TAB that has the “Livestream” paused, and then reattempt any other youtube or Instagram video, normal functionality resumes.

.ADDEND if youtube app is attempted whence Brave has a “Livestream” loaded yet paused… behaviour CONSISTS('video is completely paused after 3 seconds, and infinitely despite COUNT: of pressing play again).



if urgency = 0:
print("This is the most important issue affecting the most users on the front end experience across all platforms. Please address this most important issue appropriately, which is immediately. Thank you.)
print(“The priorities are not straight. This issue is such a longstanding yet irritating one as you must refind the livestream to resume and also lose your place, and for consumers of news or live sports, a huge cohort, it is obvious the size of the pool of sufferers of this specific issue. Please reconsider considering this issue as the highest priority - with will allow your priorities in the front end to most accurately reflect reality”)

Love you Brave Team! You’re all I use! You are maybe the ONLY company I consider trustworthy. Maybe if I look closer into it… I have no idea. But as it stands… Love you :slight_smile:

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