Most private search engine

What is the most private and secure search engine choice?

there many

some of them is and
for searx you go to one of the public instance it like as proxy for search engine

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

DuckDuckGo claims to protect privacy, but it’s based on Microsoft Bing, which doesn’t protect privacy.
Try using Google without logging in and with Brave and/or uBlock Origin: you will have the best search engine without being tracked.

Well you can also try presearch, they are working now on a decentralized search engine.

It´s now on testing but the fact that you can run a node and help make the net more decentralized sounds good, also you can earn in the future (not now for the moments) rewards by running a node.

Also, every search you make gives you some revenue in their token (pre token) that you can exchange for other cryto or fiat (the side down is that their token is based in ERC-20, so you know, the gas fees of ethereum for now are to high).

But besides that, it´s a pretty cool engine and the team is improving it constantly. As for the privacy aspect, the only info they keep is practicaly timestamps:


This to be used in their anti-abuse system (users that only want to use the search engine to just collect rewards are not welcome xd).

In any case, if you want to know more you can check their presearch channel on Odysee/lbry, they are making weekly videos of how the project is doing:

Or just search info on internet XD.

In any case, at the end it´s your decition

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