Most of my BAT/USD disappeared

Description of the issue:
Missing Bat from Brave Browser/wallet

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

I had just over 75 BAT equaling just over $100 in my Brave wallet.
I Verified my wallet with Uphold 6th April 2021 and made a withdrawal.
Noticing nothing had transferred at that time i again made a withdrawal on 10th April 2021. I checked my Uphold account and noticed only 1.71 bat had transferred on the 6th and 1.25 Bat on the 10th.
Going back to my brave wallet there is only 2.960 BAT. So i seem to be missing approx 69 BAT.
Any ideas why this is ?

Brave Ver. 1.22.71

Hi, @Jsunlg, have you read Support’s post?

There are instructions on what you should do if you are having an issue after the payout. Read the checklist and include all the information in the DM to steeven. The process will take some time, so please try to be patient.

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