More website channels?

I am a creator and have a lot of channels I can add. Annoying that I can only add 2 websites, 1 twitter and 1 youtube.
3 websites would be good.

You need to contact Brave at

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Hey @JustinTuijl , i managed to add 1 channel for each of the platform without any issues. (Twitter,Youtube,Twitch,Reddit,Vimeo).
Didn t tried yet to add website, but i am curios about your issue, since i plan later to add the rest of channels, i obviously i want to avoid myself the current situation.
P.S what custodial you use and your region? maybe is something related.

@Michael-Alexander I have about 30 websites, added two and that is my limit at the moment. I have contacted Brave as @SmartyAadi suggested. I used to have many more social media accounts for the websites. I just feel it is a shame they call it “creators” when, if you are a creator, you are very limited to channels. i have had Brave rewards running before and I failed to make anything from it at all.

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The limit used to be 5. But removing channels would not free the slots.

The limit can be increased by request via Brave Support

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