More Wallet Options?

The only option right now is Uphold, which I can’t get working for some reason ( won’t access my phone’s camera link on their site to verify without smart phone is greyed out…). In either case, I’d rather use other wallet(s) anyway.

Also, it’s a catch-22 where when I click ‘add funds (or maybe it says deposit?)’ it says I need an uphold account, but to create an uphold account I need to deposit 15 BAT… Which is I why I attempted to ‘add funds’ in the first place…

Anyways… Any news on adding support for more wallet options? Would be nice to just input a wallet address from the main rewards page…

Gemini will be introduced in the upcoming major release.

It’s currently scheduled for 31st of August (later today).

You can track developers’ progress of releasing the new version over here: