More transparency on Ads & BAT credits is needed

First and foremost, kudos to the Brave development folk for a generally wonderful product and for the very responsive help provided here. I continue to use Brave as my primary browser and promote it to all and sundry due to its excellent performance, dedication to privacy and general excellent support.

That said …

There continue to be issues with regards to BAT payouts, missing credits, etc. etc… Some of these issues are user specific and very local, some are broader. What I, personally, see as a problem is the lack of a useful way to keep tabs on ads viewed, credits earned, and BAT payments to our wallets. Specifically …

I have been tracking the number of ads displayed and the count of ads viewed in both my mobile and desktop environments. It is at least somewhat possible to do this on the desktop, since there is the ability to view the last 7 days worth of ads shown and by employing basic arithmetic, to see if the ad count is accurate. For the month of July, that was not the case for me at least, as the ad count inexplicably got zeroed out a couple times. Based on the running total from the 7-day list, the ad count at the end of the month was roughly half of what it should have been.

The situation on the Mobile / Android browser is more complicated since there is no analogous record of ads displayed, so unless I keep count on the notifications served up throughout the day, I can’t really be sure as to whether the total Ad Count is accurate. Nonetheless, I would be able to catch it if the count “reset” … which did not appear to happen last month … however there is a period of 5-6 days where the Ad Count did not advance, despite my recollection that notifications for ads did appear … along with an occasional day here and there where the count also did not move, or increased by only 1 or 2 ads which is in contrast to the “normal” rate of seeing between 10 and 20 ads a day, so the difference is very notable.

I realize that as of today, there may still be more BAT credits being delivered to my wallet … I have received only one (1) payout. I don’t know whether the mobile and desktop browsers, which generate their own ad counts, also generate their own payouts, in which case, I’m missing one.

But more to the point … I have no way to know what I’m being credited for? And here is where I’m asking / making a point about transparency. How do the number of “Ads” served up translate into BAT … or in other words, I’ve received X number BAT, how many Ads were counted to generate that and how does that compare to the number I “think” I should be getting.

Is there some way to see the accounting that goes into the payouts? Can I see the number of ads I’m being credited for, so that I can compare to the number I believe I’ve been served? Take for example the situation with the desktop, where I KNOW that the Ad Count displayed in the browser is wrong since I can add up the numbers shown on the Ad History page. It may well be that I am getting credited for the “right” number of ads, but I have no way to know. Even so, the history is only 7 days deep, but at least it’s something. On the mobile version, there isn’t even that much that I can pay heed to.

If there is a way to see / accomplish some review of Ads, credits, and BAT pay out, I’ll be delighted to be pointed in the right direction. If there is NOT a way to do this, then there should be as this is, in my opinion, a serious issue of transparency and accountability. Brave has entered into an agreement with its users in the form of BAT payout … but as a user, I don’t appear to have any way of verifying that the agreement is being adhered to. I have no obvious reason to doubt that BAT are being issued correctly, but I also have no way to verify that I’m getting the credits that I deserve.

I apologize for the length of this message but I wanted to make the point as clear as possible, and to offer some specific (to my situation at least) items on which to make those points.

I look forward to seeing a response and thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


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No response? As I pay attention to the counts on a day by day basis, I have occasionally been finding instances of where my (rough) count of Ads served is not aligning with the “total” shown in the browser. Not always, by any means, and not necessarily large discrepancies, but any missing Ad credits are troubling.

It’s not easy to keep a running tally to compare against what the browser reports, but at the same time, I shouldn’t feel like I have to do so but I lack trust given that last month there were large discrepancies that I CAN document, and because I have no idea as to how the BAT credits are distributed, how many Ads they represent, etc., I am not at all certain that I received the credits I earned / deserve.

As I stated above, it would be helpful to have greater transparency as to how many ads I was credited with seeing, how those are converted into BAT, etc.

I get that I have a choice as to using Brave and / or participating in the BAT for Ads process. I also recognize that we’re talking lunch money, not large sums … and I fully support Brave in creating this browser, this process, and appreciate being reimbursed for my attention to Ads … that’s as it should be in my opinion … fair play and all that.

BUT … that said, there are over 13 MILLION users on this platform, and lunch money, or a fraction thereof from that many people adds up to REAL money. In light of “fair play and all that” I feel there should be some way of seeing that what is earned is being distributed.

Thanks in advance for YOUR attention and response.


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