More than one line of bookmarks

Hello, I would like to see more than one line of bookmarks. Now I have more than 20 folders with bookmarks. 16 of them fit on the first line, but the additional bookmark folders disappear to the right with the >> sign with a vertical menu. But I would like them horizontally under the first line of bookmark folders (or bookmarks).

I agree! lol I use a desktop computer and I have plenty of space to display more lines. Maybe the limit has something to do with mobile phone users? Still, they could wrap with mobile users as needed and let more display for desktop users, right? :grin:

Oh hi Chocoholic, thank you for responding. I thought I was the only one. But I have bookmark maps with World News, Dutch News, Social Media, Financial News, Financial Products, Financial Exchanges, Crypto News, Crypto Exchanges, CryptoBooksPodcast, Education, Languages, Work, Covid19, etc. So yes it would definitely a feature that I would like to see.
And you Chocoholic, want probably a bookmark folder with chocolate stores, recipes and everything related to chocolate! :slight_smile:

lol Yep :clap: :clap: :clap:

Chocolate is definitely my downfall!

@Selaena and @Chocoholic
I know you are speaking about something a little different cosmetically, but I wanted to make sure that y’all are aware that you do have some options similar to what you’re making it sound like. When you bookmark everything, you’re always able to choose what folder or location that you would like to place that bookmark. You can create a folder on your desktop bookmarks or your mobile bookmarks. So you can create a folder that you called News and then when you click it on your bookmark bar it would then show all your bookmarks listed under news. Or if you saved all your chocolate stores under chocolate, then when you click on chocolate you would be able to see all the bookmarks you had that fall under that folder that you saved.

I understand this may be one extra click that you don’t want to do and you would like to see every single website listed on your browser. And maybe that would be a good function but it does seem like it would be extremely crowded if that were to happen. I think this is why most web browsers tend to limit how many show on the bar itself and then always have a side folder kind of like the >> on Brave.

I know this is not a direct answer to what you’re proposing but I just wanted to mention it in case somehow you weren’t thinking about it and it is something of a remedy in the meanwhile, instead of going to >> and then scrolling through it all

Hi Saoiray :slightly_smiling_face:

And I use folders and subfolders extensively. Even my subfolders have subfolders. lol I don’t have a lot right now in Brave because I just started using but I know it is coming!

I display vertically, not horizontally. On my screen, the folder list does drop down vertically the length of my screen and I am thrilled about that! Great feature! But if there are limitations in place for those who do have more screen space or display preferences then I too would want the bookmarks display to maximize that (be more scalable) or have more display options whether displaying horizontally or vertically than to have a hard cap with no other options.

On the desktop version, I can use my mouse wheel to scroll up and down the list which is also great! However, if I didn’t have that function, I would prefer to have side-by-sides or double lines display than the >> sign, especially if the original display “disappears” when selected.

So, that is why, for me, this Feature Request got my vote. :grin:

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Hi Saoiray, oh maybe I was not clear enough to explain, but it’s not what I mean. I have no direct bookmarks, but only folders with bookmarks. So for example I have the bookmark folder News and if I click on it, I have 30 bookmarks in it which display vertically till the bottom. but I have 22 folders with bookmarks, from which only 16 fit on the bookmark line and the other six will dissapear with the >> sign. I would like the other six bookmark folders on the second line, under the first one…

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